ProPeas® 456 gm Powder

As a vegetable source of protein, AIM ProPeas® provides 12 grams of protein per serving in a low-sugar, low-carb, low-fat concentrate. Protein is a key component to weight management, helping with satiety, metabolic rate, and lean muscle mass. In addition, the vegetable pea protein in AIM ProPeas®offers a safe, allergen-free gluten-free alternative to common whey and soy protein options. Sweetened naturally with stevia, AIM ProPeas® tastes great mixed into a smoothie or combined with chilled rice milk.

  • Assists with weight management
  • Helps build and maintain healthy muscle
  • Improves circulation and calcium absorption
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Provides full feeling and boosts metabolism
  • Regulates blood sugar and brain function
  • Vegetable source of protein
  • Allergen-free
  • Low sugar naturally

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