AIM Barleylife®, Herbal Fiberblend® Testimonials

Allan Nickell, weight lifter

"I have enjoyed weight lifting for over 40 years and have included good foods as a part of my training regimen throughout that time. Before my workouts, foods loaded with carbohydrates such as AIM BarleyLife ™ provide me the energy needed. AIM BarleyLife ™ has become indispensable to me as part of my recuperative, rebuilding phase immediately after my workout."

Harry Sneider, Olympic Trainer

" AIM BarleyLife® is one of the finest fitness products that God has designed, not only for athletes training for worldclass events, but for good health productivity. There are thousands of people changing to a healthy lifestyle. They are looking for a complete program. AIM offers just such a program through the Healthy Cell Concept -- stressing a positive mental attitude, products focusing on healthier cells, and emphasis on a regular exercise program."

Mary Ruth Swope, Nutrition Educator, Author

"The National Research Council has always recommended what any nutrition textbook will tell you, that you need one serving daily of a dark green leafy or deep yellow vegetable. Study after study shows that the majority of the population just doesn't fill this dietary need. BarleyLife® is the ideal way to fill the gap - it is organically grown, all natural, and because of the wide spectrum of nutrients it contains, I consider it a food with REAL POWER....I don't care if you are in your golden years or in your early years; I believe you would benefit wonderfully from making BarleyLife® a part of your daily diet."

Whitefawn Lewis, Florida --

"Being health conscious, I used to juice fresh vegetables for my three children. They would drink it, but only with the gentle persuasion of a parent, if you know what I mean. Mixing AIM BarleyLife® with their favorite fruit juice is a delicious and enjoyable way for them to get the "green" food that I know they need. They never balk at drinking BarleyLife®. As a matter of fact, they often remind me that it is time for BarleyLife®."

Barbara Garlington, Pennsylvania --

"I was in Atlanta recently at a convention and people kept coming up to me saying that I keep looking younger every time they see me. I am already a high energy person, but AIM BarleyLife® has taken me to higher levels than ever....what is really important to me about AIM BarleyLife ™ is having the opportunity to help other people. It is reassuring to know that I can offer them a natural, whole food that is entirely safe yet makes such a difference."

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