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The herbs found in AIM Composure work together to help your body in times of stress.  Together, they give your body nutrients that help you out.

  • Nutrients that nourish your adrenal glands, which stimulate the liver to convert glycogen (stored sugar) to glucose.
  • Nutrients that help fight infection that could result when ill or stressed.
  • Nutrients that help keep the thymus, which produces the T cells that fight disease, from shrinking and working less in times of stress.

Contents of AIM Composure

Taken as a whole, AIM Composure contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A and C; thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), calcium, and iron. Many of the individual herbs in AIM Composure also contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are chemical compounds found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that often have beneficial effects. Flavonoids have been found to stimulate the immune system, and their ongoing study may contribute to a better understanding of the effects of the environment on our immune system and on the development and control of allergies.

AIM Composure uses herbal extracts. This means that you do not have to take as many capsules to get the same benefits, and the quantity of active ingredients remains consistent. The extract is obtained through a process that uses water, not harmful solvents.

AIM Composure is 100 percent natural. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, nor are there any added sugars, salts, yeast, or fillers.

Herbs Used in AIM Composure

Alfalfa Medicago Alfalfa is one of the green sativa grasses, which are some of the most nutritionally rich foods there are. It is a source of chlorophyll, beta carotene, and minerals. It is especially rich in minerals, as it pulls up nutrients from root depths as great as 130 feet.

Irish Moss Chandrus Actually a seaweed, this crispus plant saved many Irish during the potato famine of the mid-nineteenth century. It contains 15 of the 18 elements composing the human body. It contains vitamin A, D, E, and K and is also high in iodine and calcium.

Marshmallow Althaea root derives its Rood officinalis botanical name from the Greek word, altho, which means "to heal". The entire plant, including the root, leaves, and flowers, has been used for centuries. The leaves contain flavonoids.

Oatstraw Avena Sativa are a traditional staple of Northern Europe. Cereal made from oatmeal (the crushed grain) is a nutritious breakfast that is now a popular food in many parts of the world. Recent research has shown that oat bran, and to a lesser extent oatmeal, may help reduce high blood cholesterol. Oats contain flavonoids, a number of minerals, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, and carotene, as well as wheat protein.

Passionflower Passiflora was used by incarnata Native Americans and later was "discovered" by the Spanish. They gave it its name because they saw symbols of Christianity in its design. The stem of the plant is crushed and brewed as tea. One of its constituents, passiflorine, reportedly promotes calmness and ability to sleep.

Shavegrass Equisetum Also known as horsetail arvense grass, shavegrass is a member of one of the oldest groups of plants on earth. The plant's success can be attributed to its ability to grow in poor soil with minimum moisture. It has been used both internally and externally since the sixteenth century, usually as a powder. As an herb, the entire plant is used. It contains flavonoids minerals.

Slippery Elm Ulmus Rubra The slippery elm tree is Bark found in the central and northern parts of the United States. It was used by North American Indians as a skin ointment. At one time, the plant was listed in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, a book describing medicinal preparations.

Yucca The yucca is a cactus-like breviflolia succulent common to the western United States and most of Mexico. It has been commonly used by Native Americans, for centuries a soap for personal hygiene.

Directions for Use

Best results are obtained by taking two capsules a day. You may take them with water or your favorite juice. You may take more or less, depending on an assessment of your daily needs.

Download a complete AIM Composure Datasheet (File will open with Adobe Acrobat).


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