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AIM Leaf Greens is an all-natural juice concentrate that combines the leaves of four young plants for a wide spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a balanced plant-based protein, all for whole-body health. By blending the nutrient-dense leaves of spinach, faba bean, field pea, barley, and now broccoli sprouts, AIM LeafGreens harnesses the potency of each component to provide superior levels of iron, chromium, protein, chlorophyll, and vitamins A and K. The result is a product that supports healthy kidney function, proper bone density, oxidation of bad cholesterol, and resistance to damage caused by free radicals. Leaves are the most abundant source of vital nutrients found on Earth and AIM LeafGreens provides an amazing 3 grams of protein and 60 mg of chlorophyll in every 6 gram serving.

The addition of broccoli sprouts to the AIM LeafGreens boosts the nutritional power tremendously. Broccoli contains sulforaphane. Scientists have found this can increase cardiovascular health, decrease inflammation, revitalize the immune system, reduce the effects of aging, and support liver detoxification. Broccoli sprouts have 65 times the sulforaphane content of mature broccoli florets.

Each 6-gram serving of AIM Leaf Greens contains:

  • More iron than 18 servings of spinach or 44 servings of broccoli
  • More riboflavin than a plate of romaine lettuce (two cups)
  • More beta carotene than found in 12 servings of broccoli or 16 servings of zucchini
  • More vitamin K than 14 servings of asparagus or 50 servings of peas
  • As much folic acid as four servings of peas
  • A balanced amino acid profile with 50 percent green leaf protein
  • Superior levels of chlorophyll for overall health
  • High in antioxidants to fight free radical damage (authenticated with ORAC testing)
  • The faba bean leaf is known to increase libido
  • Provides flavonoids including daempferol and quercetin and nutrients lutein and L-Dopa
  • Only 20 calories

Download a complete AIM Leaf Greens Datasheet  (File will open with Adobe Acrobat).

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