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Vaxa's Litmus paper / pH Test Strips are considered by many to be the most accurate pH test strips available. Vaxa's Litmus paper / pH Test Strips have been the choice of health care professionals and health food stores for years for one simple reason. They are the most accurate pH test strips available. Vaxa's pH test strips are individual strips, rather than a roll, eliminating wasted litmus paper and making it easy to test your pH. Also, every box of our litmus paper / pH test strips come with two color matched, pH charts so you can easily, and accurately determine your body pH. Vaxa's Litmus Paper / pH test strips accurately test from 5.0 to 9.0. How Do I Know If I Have An "Acidic pH"?

By testing your pH with Vaxa's Litmus Paper / Medical pH-Test Strips, you can determine quickly and easily, in the privacy of your own home, what your urine pH is. Vaxa's Medical pH Test Strips determine your urinary pH, which is generally a good indicator of how acid or base your total body pH is. When urinary pH is continuously between 6.5 in the a.m. and 7.5 by evening, you're functioning in a healthy range.

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